Tromsø is waiting for you!

webcam_20130110Winter holidays are over, the sun is soon back at 69°N (you may check yourself and another very good reason to finish hibernationon is approaching: Arctic Frontiers – the annual conference on the Arctic presence and future hosted by the University of Tromsø (which is by the way the northernmost university of the world). During the last years, I attended only single lectures of Arctic Frontiers and helped out as a volunteer, but this year’s conference is a rather special one for me: For the first time in my beginning scientific carrier I attend Arctic Frontiers as a regular “active” participant. In addition, I will also join the associated Young Scientist Forum (YSF), a PhD workshop on proposal writing – as the only Tromsø “local”. Therefore, my travelling is quite short :-), and in contrast to all the other YSF participants, I have no other choice than to try to sit down and wait, though I am very excited to get to know all the other YSF participants soon.
(Text: Ingrid Wiedmann)

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