The mentors for the 2013 workshop present themself

Here is little introduction to the mentors participating in the YSF PhD workshop this year:

Jørgen Berge (Workshop responsible):
Jørgen Berge is a professor in marine biology at University of Tromsø and adjunct professor at the University Centre in Svalbard. He was worked for more than ten years ion Arctic marine ecosystems and effects of a reduced ice cover (direct effect of the current warming of the Arctic). He has long experience as project leader on various external financed projects. Web: Jørgen Berge at ARCTOS   Jørgen Berge at UiT


Michael Greenacre:
Michael Greenacre is a Professor of Statistics in Barcelona, and has been working in various ecological projects and teaching in northern Norway for more than 20 years. He can help you with your stats and give you good advice for your research.  He is also a musician and composer, with one published CD and another presently being produced. Web:


Rasmus G. Bertelsen:
Rasmus Gjedssø Bertelsen is an international relations scholar at Aalborg University (Denmark) working on questions of security, state building, human capital, natural resources, learning and competences in the North Atlantic. His Arctic interest is based on growing up in Iceland and later studies and work in Reykjavik making this Danish political scientist deeply interested in independence politics and state building in Iceland, Faroe Islands and Greenland.

Elina Halttunen:
Profilbilde_Elina_HalttunenI work as part researcher and part educator. My research interests are in aquatic ecology and life-history theory, and through my PhD I have come to know and love Atlantic salmon and it´s spawning behaviour. As an educator I coordinate and teach on several PhD-courses on transferrable skills. I´m especially involved in the courses on communicating and popularizing science.
Web: Elina Halttunen at UiT


Gloudina Greenacre:
Gloudina_GreenacreGloudina Greenacre is a naturalist who has been involved in wildlife conservation projects in Ecuador since 2002. Starting as a wildlife veterinarian assistant, and having directed various animal rehabilitation centres, she is now mainly involved in managing a newly created NGO in the Ecuadorian Amazon. In search of income resources for the activities of the organisation, she and her team have put into practice a variety of funding models which she will be delighted to share during the conference.

Daniel Vogedes:
Daniel spends his time trying to finish a PhD in marine biology with focus on Arctic zooplankton and sea birds. He spent 10 years on Svalbard and moved south to Tromsø in 2009. Besides working on his PhD, he works part-time as secretary for ARCTOS, which puts him charge of the workshop logistics and many other administrative tasks for the network.
Web: Daniel Vogedes at ARCTOS   Daniel Vogedes at UiT

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