Art meets science

After the official opening of the Arctic Frontiers conference at the Polaria, the YSF participants met Helene Sommer and Sigbjørn Bratlie at the Tromsø Center of Contemporary Art (page here in Norwegian).

These two young artists accompanied a scientific cruise to the Arctic during the last year and used this “extraordinary studio” to produce some special pieces of art. Helene put together a 26 minutes movie using both historical film material and shots from the cruise and wanted to contrast “real” Arctic impressions and the view that people have on the Arctic through media. Sigbjørn used a completely different approach: He established “The Schnork Institute for Arctic Research”, which uses “advanced hermeneutics” – a self-developed method rooting in the ancient traditions using the random fall of chicken bones on a pattern on the floor… Probably a rather special method for scientists, but who knows, perhaps it really works…? 🙂

(Text: Ingrid Wiedmann)

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