Live Radio debate on the Norwegian Radio – Day 1


Live Radio Broadcast from the Arctic Frontiers Conference

The largest auditorium at the University of Troms was almost filled to the last seat when Salve Dahle opened the conference on Monday morning. Among the many speeches from national and international politicians, a debate round was broadcasted live on the Norwegian radio program Ekko (P2). You find the podcast (in Norwegian) as mp3 here (see “21.1.2013, Viten – Arctic Frontiers”). Moderator Torkild Jemterud succeeded well to make ministers, scientists and representatives of interest organizations speak on an understandable level, and this made it both easy to listen and interesting at the same time. Among the many aspects, they discussed, I would like to share one particular with you: At least for me it was new that China, India and Singapore applied for an observer position in the Arctic Council, and in the first moment this status may appeared slightly farfetched, especially in the case of Singapore, which is located on 1° northern latitude. However, as one of the debate participants stated: “They are all located on the »right side of the globe«. 🙂

(Text and photo: Ingrid Wiedmann)

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