Continue the workshop on the «water»

On HurtigrutenWhile the coastal steamer “Vesterålen” slowly steams southwards, the workshop continues with a lecture by Rasmus. Jordan presentingHe tells about his own experiences with funding applications, and one of his main statements for success is to “apply for the right funding at the right time”. More student presentations, group work, discussion of approved and rejected proposals of our course mentors fill the day, interrupted by a massive amount of goo
d food and some sunny coffee breaks on deck. In Stockmarknes we use the short call to port for a visit to the Hurtigruten museum or just a little walk.
We arrived in a snowstorm in Svolvær in the evening, and after some confusion about the which way to go, Daniel managed to navigate the group safely along the 500 m long walk to the Svolvær hotel. The scheduled “evening off” turned out to be an “evening off for groupwork”, a detail the organizers forgot to mention. With some help from the bar, the struggle for the perfect proposal lasted until late in the evening.


In Svolvaer

(Text and pictures: Ingrid Wiedmann)


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