Finally, we all hit the deadline and had to deliver our more or less complete 1-page project proposals to the “ARCTOS research council” committee consisting of Jørgen, Rasmus, Elina, Michael and Gloudina. Each team also got 15 minutes to present their proposal for the committee and the other groups, followed by a the 10 minutes interrogation by the committee. Though it was “only” a course, Daniel’s guard dog barking (“time our”) was highly appreciated by several participants as it set an end to the “grilling”.

The teams came up with four quite different projects…
1) LIGHTHOUSE asked the ARCTOS research for money to conduct a PhD workshop in Lofoten to link scientific questions with the needs of the society in this region
2) FOUL-BARENTS applied for funding to conduct a study on the toxic effect of antifoul in the Barents Sea and analyze a possible implementation of regulations into the Norwegian and Russian regulation system
3) FUTURE wanted to conduct a fish study in northern Norway and Russia based on echo sounding and try to find out how climate change may affect the migration of the fish and the implications to the local communities
4) TWISTER applied for funding to run a satellite based study, which should analyze the consequences of enhanced polar low occurrence in the Barents Sea and their effect on petroleum activities and shipping

Despite the different approaches, all teams did a very good job in linking the natural and social science part and the group work between the doctoral students from so many different countires worked very well. Therefore, we think the following evening program (relaxing in the Jacuzzi and bar was aboard the coastal steamer “Trollfjord”) well-deserved for everybody!

Congratulation to a very successful course and thanks so much for a great time together!

(Text: Ingrid Wiedmann, photo: Miriam Marquardt)

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