Last question: Who gets funding?

On the return trip from Svolvær to Tromsø, the YSF participants finally got the answer on the last, open question of the course: Which project gets funding from the imaginary “ARCTOS research council”? Head of the council, Jørgen Berge, presented strengths and weaknesses of each of the four proposals and announced that both “LIGHTHOUSE” and “FOUL-BARENTS” would be ranked on a shared first place. Congratulations to both of them!
However, it was a very close race. All projects were really well thought through and presented themselves convincingly, and thus we may conclude that also in the instance of the YSF “the journey is the reward” – and it was great that every single YSF participant was part of it.

So, it is just left to say thanks to everybody for sharing these great days and someday, somewhere, somehow we meet again! 🙂

 Results of proposals

(Text: Ingrid Wiedman)

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