Look North: why should we stay in the Arctic?

The Arctic Career Seminar organized by the University of Tromsø Career Service in cooperation with Arctic Frontiers took place on January 20th and was fully booked already a couple of days before the event. UiT students and young researchers from the conference gathered to find out more about career opportunities in the High North.
There were four presenters: Trude Nilsen from SpareBank 1 Nord-Norge, Nils Arne Johnsen from Rambøll – the largest Arctic consultancy company in the world, Christian Chramer from Norwegian Seafood Council and Anita Evenset from Akvaplan-niva, the research centre. Four very different career paths were united by the Arctic and illustrated perfectly how diverse the region is.

As we learnt from Trude Nilsen’s presentation, North Norway covers around 45% of the whole Norwegian territory and 46.000 companies are based there, whereas only 480.000 people inhabit this area – so, plenty of opportunities. The presenters from Rambøll and Akvaplan-niva were also talking about these opportunities paying special attention to international students.
Christian Chramer in his poetic presentation “Look North, Blue Growth” revealed some marketing secrets which were used to promote Norwegian salmon among Singaporean Chinese: now red fish is an important attribute of Chinese New Year dishes and replaced the traditionally served white Singaporean fish, as red is considered to be a lucky color in Chinese culture.  Christian advised us to be more versatile when looking for a job and to use every chance for networking, internship or gaining extra knowledge.

However, as one of the students mentioned, international professionals still face a lot of difficulties when searching for a position in Norway. “Are we doing something wrong?” – the student asked. “No, probably we are doing something wrong” – Christian replied; a truly thought-provoking end of the seminar!

(text: Anna Varfolomeeva; photos: UiT Career Centre)


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