More young scientists present their work

Today, watch out for the following presentations!

Ilya Stepanov 10:50 Session I (The potential of the Northern Sea Rout to reduce CO2 emissions)

Evi Baxevani 10:50 Session III (The intricate economic, geopolitical and environmental equation of the Arctic)

Jon Lawrence 11:10 Session II (Vertical nitrate fluxes and large-scale Arctic primary production in a changing Arctic)


Yesterday afternoon, Cory Matthews presented his work on intrapopulation diet variation in beluga whales and Yana Korneeva talked about how climate change may affect the spread of parasitic diseases among the Russian Arctic population.
Many came to the poster session and there were a lot of nice and interesting discussions to attend. Below are pictures of some of the poster presenters.

Kaja Ostaszewska from Poland

Kaja Ostaszewska from Poland


Danya Rumore from the US (left), Yana Korneeva from Russia (2nd fr. right) and Jimena Alvarez from Argentina (right)



Alia Khan from the US



Ilya Stepanov from Russia (left) and Evi Baxevani from Greece (middle)



Barbora Padrtova from Czech Repulic (middle)



Katrine Brink Claassen from South Africa

(text and photos: Ulrike Grote)


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